Your Adventure Tours Guide

Lucy Melnick

All work and no play make a boring life. Thus, it is a must to do something out of your routine to avoid burnout and stress. One of the best ways to do it is through traveling or going on adventure tours once in a while. This is your time to relax and forget about work or responsibilities at home.

While some travelers want to plan their own adventures, it could be something that you can skip. Remember, you want to relax and be as carefree as possible. Anyway there are a lot of tour companies that can do the dirty work for you.

They even have tour packages with a list of places to visit, activities to do and more. They have a complete itinerary that you can just follow. No stress; just pure adventure.

There are also travel companies that offer various adventure tour packages just like below:

Kinds of Adventure Tour Packages to Choose From

  • Holiday Tours – Are special tours that travelers can book in advance to avail of discounts. Usually, these kinds of tours are very much in demand as the holidays are considered peak seasons to travel. This is a common time for school and work breaks thus people take advantage of holiday tour packages. They can be a little expensive compared to other types of packages. Holiday packages can also be tailored for couples, solo travelers, company and family groups. Commonly, holiday travels are spent abroad. The most common holiday destinations are Disney World, Universal Studio locations, museums, famous landmarks, ruins and churches.

Tour packages also include airfare, hotel accommodation, meals (depending on package price) and transportation usually on an air conditioned bus owned or commissioned by the travel agency.

  • Small Group Adventure Tours – Young professionals, co-workers and students are the common target customers for small group adventure tours. Small group tours are usually composed of 5-15 travelers. Travel agencies usually have packages for small groups that are more affordable compared to other packages. It is common to charge travel deals with a lower price when there are more people who will avail. Small groups are also separated from other groups. Many groups want to be by themselves so they can enjoy more with their peers. Small group adventure tours commonly include an island getaway or an experience tour where they can snorkel, zip, hike or try other exhilarating adventures like white water rafting and bungee jumping. Travel packages for older guests offer different activities.
  • Family Adventure Tours – Family adventure tours packages are tailored for the whole family. Travel agencies make sure that there are various activities fit for family members of all ages. These activities may include a visit to Disneyland, a water park, amusement park or a zoo. There are also more affordable family adventure tours that include hiking or trekking activities for the whole family, picnic, camping, park or zoo visit and more. Family reunions and travels also fall in this category.
  • Adventure Tours for Couples – This type of package is tailored for honeymooners as well as young and old couples alike. Packages will commonly include romantic activities like an intimate dinner or a romantic lovers’ destination. There are also packages that will include an outdoors getaway for the more adventuring couples like mountain climbing or snorkeling. Relaxed couple adventures will include restaurant hopping, discovering local markets museum hopping and visiting art or collection shops.

Tips for Choosing the Best Adventure Tour Company

After seeing the various packages commonly offered by tour companies, you may now start looking for a company to book your next adventure with. However, with the many tour companies with various packages that they offer, it could be confusing to choose. To avoid such, here are tips that will guide you in choosing the best tour company for your next adventure.

  • Do Reputation Check. – It is common for travel companies or some of their representatives to defraud their customers. That’s why it is necessary to check the company’s reputation before going through with your booking. Sometimes we avail of expensive packages knowing that they are from reputable companies however when it comes to delivery, they often fall short of expectation. Small tour companies on the other hand may have more affordable packages but are just as good.

Real customer reviews about a travel company is a great way of verifying its reputation. Customer rating is also a great criterion in choosing a good tour company to book with.

  • Check The Company’s Safety And Security Provisions. – Do they offer insurances for the safety of their guests or their guests’ belongings? Do they have government and private affiliations as well as complete requirements to run their business? These are just some of the common questions to ask to find the best tour company for your adventure trip.
  • Check The Schedule The Tour Company Offers. – Remember that you are paying for the whole tour and the activities for the day are included in it. Check your itinerary. Do they have enough activities to occupy your entire day?
  • Cheap Doesn’t Always Mean It’s Best For You. – There are a lot of “affordable” packages that travelers often fall for and regret later. Most of the time, there is little difference between standard and economy prices but big difference on package inclusions.
  • Read And Ask To Verify. – Reading promos and advertisements on print or on social media is a great way to scout for the best tour deals. When you think they offer a great deal, don’t go straight to booking. Ask them to verify if what you have understood is what their word really meant based on what’s stated on their ads. Only then can you proceed to booking or finding another agency.